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I chose Able Remodeling from the Better Business Bureau site. I had an excellent experience with this company. They helped me through every phase of my kitchen remodel. They accompanied me when it was time to select materials. The workmanship was excellent and now I have the most beautiful kitchen suited to all my needs. Great company!

Pam U
Tacoma, WA

This was a unique project with numerous details and logistics for the actual remodel of our kitchen, library, new powder room and extensive deck.

The work was completed on time, according to plans and specifications and in a professional manner.

We have complete confidence in Able Remodeling's construction abilities, attention to detail and integrity and would heartily recommend them as a contractor of the highest caliber.

Joe and Patricia S
Tacoma, WA

My wife and I interviewed a few contractors for an addition to our home and met Chris Smith of Able Remodeling during the process. Chris easily distinguished himself from the others by listening to what our core concepts were for the proposed addition and delivering a solution for that. We were interested in a natural flow with the present structure, while delivering the functionality we so desired. Chris came up with a plan quickly and integrated our requirements with a design that was aesthetic, functional and affordable. We hired Chris for the work and have been very happy we did.

Able Remodeling was also timely in the phases of construction. It's really difficult to keep over 800 square feet of new space clean, in addition to the areas connected to the old space, plus the yard. Our home was under construction but we never felt like we were living in a construction zone. Importantly, when issues regarding zoning and other requirements came up, Chris was completely reasonable about how those were resolved. Overall, our experiences with Able Remodeling were excellent and recommend them highly for your consideration.

Rob G
Gig Harbor, WA